Bereket Simon: Meles Zenawi’s Role Crucial in Nation Development and Democracy

Photo: Bereket Simon, Information Minister of Ethiopia

Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front Executive Committee member, Bereket Simon has said the role of the Great Leader Meles Zenawi was crucial for the development and democracy witnessed in Ethiopia.

Bereket who is also executive member of Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) made the remark while presenting a paper on a symposium held in Bahir Dar on Saturday in connection with the 10th Organizational Assembly of ANDM.

On the occasion, Bereket Simon said Meles was a world class original thinker who had contributed his own original ideas to the world. He said Meles also had the potential to develop and expand ideas from other people as well.

The paper thoroughly discussed the role of the Great Ethiopian leader, Meles Zenzwi, in the development and democratization process of Ethiopia.

According to ERTA reporter in Bahir Dar, the symposium thoroughly discussed the paper.