BEZEMA Dyes and Chemicals NBE Plc, a Geneva-based Company, Opened the First of its Kind, a Bonded Warehouse in Ethiopia

By Merga Yonas
Dec. 17, 2012

First chemical, dyestuff bonded warehouse opens doors

BEZEMA Dyes and Chemicals NBE Plc (, a Geneva-based company, opened the first of its kind, a bonded warehouse in Ethiopia where it will supply chemicals and dyestuffs for textile industries in the country. On Tuesday, BEZEMA Dyes and Chemicals NBE Plc, a sister company of CHT/BEZEMA AG from Switzerland, announced that it has been invited by the Textile Industry Development Institute of Ethiopia.

The company’s warehouse, located in Jemo, a site southwest of Addis Ababa, is expected to alleviate the problems related to the shortage of chemicals the textile industry in the country is currently facing.

Initially, the institute started negotiations with three companies, including Textile Color from Switzerland, Rose Textile from Turkey and BEZEMA. Finally, the institute picked BEZEMA.

According to the Ministry of Industry, the investment regulation has been relaxed and as a result, supply of strategic inputs for the textile and leather industries have been opened for foreign manufacturers. During the opening ceremony, BEZEMA also announced that it has plans to open a chemical and dye manufacturing plant in Ethiopia.

For the textile sector, data shows that the annual import intensity for different types of chemicals has reached 10,000 tons and 400 tons for different types of dyestuffs.

According to a representative from the institute, the demand for chemicals and dyestuffs for textile industries has been growing at a yearly average of 20 percent. As a result, the government of Ethiopia has budgeted over one billion dollars to purchase these inputs.


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Geneva-based Bezema Dyes and Chemicals has unveiled first of its kind textile chemicals & dyestuff bonded warehouse in Ethiopia to facilitate country-wide sourcing.

The new warehouse set up in Jemo, located in south-west of Addis Ababa, is believed to ease the problems of scarcity of chemicals that the Ethiopian textile industry is facing at present.

According to industry data, Ethiopian textile sector each year imports around 10,000 tons of different types of chemicals and 400 tons of dyestuffs.

The Textile Industry Development Institute of Ethiopia selected Bezema, a sister concern of Switzerland-based CHT/BEZEMA AG for setting up the facility after holding discussions with two other companies – Switzerland’s Textile Color and Turkey’s Rose Textile.

Pursuant to its selection, Bezema has also unveiled plans to set up a chemicals and dyes manufacturing plant in Ethiopia.