Ethiopia to Take Delivery of Nine New Ships in the Summer of 2013

Image: Ethiopian Shipping Lines Flag

Jan. 09, 2013

Ethiopia Acquiring Nine New Ships

Ahmed Tusa, General Director of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise (ELSE) has announced that Ethiopia will acquire nine new ships within the current Ethiopian fiscal year. The vessels which are now under construction in China at a cost of 4 Billion Ethiopian Birr ($USD 219 Million in today’s exchange rate) are expected to be delivered in June.

Ato Ahmed said the new vessels will make a significant contribution to strengthening the nation’s maritime transport capacity and will help increase the amount of cargo carried by Ethiopian vessel from 20% to 50%. ESLE received also two vessels last December from China.

In related news, Director Ahmed Tusa outlined the ELSE’s efforts to resolve the problems associated with the newly introduced multi-modal transport system. He said that the recruitment of a foreign consulting company “which will have the task of charting procedures that [will] enable the Enterprise to offer efficient and effective service is now competed”.

Photo: 32000T MPP Container Vessel

Apart from the Mojo Dry Port and Comet Transport facilities which have the capacity of holding 9,300 containers, a new terminal at the Adama Bekelcha Transport premises is underway. At completion, the terminal will be able to handle another 2,500 containers.

The ELSE has been able to lower the number of containers stacked up in Djibouti Port which at one point reached over 25,000, to just over a thousand through the implementation of new procedures and coordinated efforts with other relevant government departments. It is now working on reducing the numbers of containers at the Dry Ports.


Background Information:

Ethiopian Shipping Lines Orders 9 Ships from China

Jan. 25, 2011

CHINA’s active engagement with Africa has resulted in Ethiopian Shipping Lines (ESL) making its largest vessel order in the company’s 46-year history, reports maritime consultant Alphaliner.

The Ethiopian national carrier has placed a contract for nine new ships at Chinese yards this week for about US$300 million with the Export-Import Bank of China funding 80 per cent of the cost.

The order is for seven 28,000-ton heavy lift multipurpose vessels at Shandong Huanghai Shipbuilding for $32.5 million a piece and for two 41,500-ton tankers at Jinling Shipyard for $37 million each. The multipurpose ships will be delivered from August 2012 and the last unit of the series is due in February 2014.

The new units will replace six cargo ships between 15,000 and 8,000 tons, built between 1984 and 1990.

Recently, Ethiopian sold a 30-year-old 3,500-ton container/roro vessel (Omo Wonz) as part of its fleet renewal programme. It is the second time that ESL has placed orders at Chinese yards.

In 2004, ESL ordered two multipurpose ships of 27,000 tons and 1,377 TEU in China, at the Kouan shipyard. The first of them, Shebelle, was delivered in November 2006 and the second unit, Gibe in June 2007.

Source: Sea News