Ethiopian Born Sheik Mohammed Al Amoudi Networth Now at $13.5 Billion, Ranks at 65th in the World

Photo: Sheik Mohammed Al Amoudi

We would like to take this opportunity and thank Mr. Al Amoudi for his commitment to Ethiopia and its people!

Forbes World’s Billionares List this year boasts of 1,426 names of billionaires from 64 countries, people who play controlling role in the world economy, if not its politics.

The recorded net worth of these individuals, according to the magazine, this year has reached $5.4 trillion, an increase of $0.8 trillion up from $4.6 trillion last year. This year’s List includes “210 new ten-figure fortunes.”

The regional distribution of these billionaires, according to Forbes, is:
* 442 individuals in the United States,
* 386 in Asia-Pacific,
* 366 in Eurore,
* 129 in the Americas and
* 103 in the Middle East and Africa.

Forbes says, “While last year almost as many fortunes fell as rose, this year gainers outnumbered losers by 4-to-1.”

Once again, the world’s richest man is Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu, with $73 billion, followed by Bill Gates with recorded net worth of $67 billion.

Sheik Mohammed Al Amoudi is in 65th place, with recorded net worth of $13.5 billion. His business activities concentrate on oil and diverse investments in Ethiopia, Morocco, Sweden and West Africa. In 2013, Al Amoudi has added one billion to his wealth, according to Forbes List.

Mr. Al Amoudi’s net worth as listed on Forbes:
2004 = $1.4 billion
2005 = $2.5 billion
2006 = $6.9 billion
2007 = $8.0 billion
2008 = $9.0 billion
2009 = $9.0 billion
2010 = $10.0 billion
2011 = $12.3 billion
2012 = $12.5 billion
2013 = $13.5 billion

Sheik Mohammed Al Amoudi, who was born in Ethiopia, and is a Saudi citizen, is the second richest man in Saudi Arabia, and #1 richest man in Africa. He is 68 years old and has eight children.

Full list of world’s billionaires is found here.