Incredible Untold Stories of Meles Zenawi and his Family (Video)


The first anniversary of the death of the late Ethiopian prime minister, Meles Zenawi was commemeroted in the hills of Addis Ababa today August 20, 2013. The memorial was marked with various commemorative events with a number of international guest speakers. Honoured guests include presidents, prime ministers, cabinet ministers of African countries, including Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, South Africa and Djibouti.

ETV aired a special documentary on Meles Zenawi last night. The documentary shows how family of Meles Zenawi lived and still are living – very simple life. His sister Azeb Zenawi is selling “Tella” (locally brewed beer) while his brother Tsegaye Zenawi selling “Embotito” (sandwiches).

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Have a look at this incredible untold story of Meles Zenawi and his family below: