Meles Zenawi, the Late Ethiopian Prime Mininster, Funeral Service in Addis Ababa (Full Coverage Videos)

As reported here, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, passed away on Aug. 20, 2012 in Brussels after a long illness. Meles Zenawi’s body arrived in Addis Ababa on August 21, 2012.

His funeral was delayed until September 02, 2012 to give time to foreign dignitaries to arrive in Addis and also to get some time to prepare.

Many have paid tribute to PM Meles Zenawi’s legacy, including many African leaders: the presidents of South Sudan, South Africa, Rwanda; chairman of African Union, and former president of South Africa, president of Uganda, and president of Nigeria. Susan Rice has also paid her tribute on behalf of Obama’s Administration and the American people.

People cried, beat their chests, wailed, yelled, whatever emotions they had, they let it go. May the memories of Meles Zenawi be with the people of Ethiopia.

Recent Tweets on Meles Zenawi

How can America remember #Meles #MelesZenawi who has helped fight America’s enemies? Name a street in his name in US! @BarackObama #Ethiopia

Under #Meles #Zenawi #MelesZenawi #Ethiopia increased primary school enrollment from 4 Million in 1991 to 9 Mil in 2004 & to 16 Mil in 2012

#Meles #Zenawi #MelesZenawi promoted education by building new schools, colleges, recruiting new teachers. #Ethiopia @EPRDF RIP dear PM

#Meles #Zenawi #MelesZenawi was a “voracious reader”, devoured countless books. He was not a ‘man about town’. Always working #Ethiopia

#Meles #Zenawi #MelesZenawi was a simple and humble man with big vision and witty mind. #Ethiopia and #Africa will surely miss his intellect

#Meles #Zenawi #MelesZenawi was not overtly stained by the venality that is characteristic of most African leaders as he led austere life

#Meles #Zenawi #MelesZenawi has brought respectability and dignity to #Ethiopia. He has stood for Ethiopia and Africa and for the poor. RIP

Under #Meles #Zenawi #MelesZenawi #Ethiopian has become an investor’s destination #Ethiopia, China alone invested >$6 Billion USD since 2008

Under #Meles #Zenawi #MelesZenawi #Ethiopian Airlines has become a leading world class airliner with Boeing 787 #Dreamliner #Ethiopia

#Meles #Zenawi #MelesZenawi grew Ethiopian economy to more than 10 per cent year after year for the past 8 years @EPRDF #EPRDF #Ethiopia

The speakers and events of the funeral day were too many to be listed here, so, please watch the videos below.

The funeral service of the late PM Meles Zenawi at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. September 02, 2012.

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