Somali State Chief Abdi Mohammad Omer: Through Public Participation, We Will Realize the Vision of the Late PM Meles Zenawi

State gives due attention for public involvement to expedite dev’t, build democracy

Jijiga, Ethiopia, November 14, 2012 — (WIC) — Chief Administrator of the Somali State said the regional government would give prime attention for public participation to consolidate the ongoing peace, development, good governance and democracy building process.

State Chief Abdi Mohammad Omer made the aforementioned remark at a public conference on peace, development and good governance opened in Jijiga town yesterday with the theme, “Through Public Participation, We Will Realize the Vision of the Late PM Meles Zenawi.”

While opening the conference, Abdi said that public participation needs to be increased to improve the benefit of residents of the state in general and the pastoralist community in particular.

“The conference is organized to create favorable condition for the active participation of the residents in the efforts to attain the Growth and Transformation Plan,” he said.

According to Abdi, encouraging results were registered in the education, health, animal resource development and provision of potable water to the pastoral community in the past years.

Accordingly, residents of the state need to enhance their participation to ensure the sustainability of the development gains registered in the above mentioned sectors, he said.

The Ethiopian Somali Diaspora is currently investing in the region as the regional government managed to bring durable peace by wiping out anti-peace elements operating in the region, he said.

More than 3,500 people are in attendance of the five-day conference, it was noted.

Source: Walta Info