Wikileaks: Egypt was Planning to Bomb the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam, Using Sudan as a Launchpad

Ethiopia has been working harder than ever to build Africa’s largest dam for the past couple of years. The project is on schedule to be completed by 2017. Will this Meles Zenawi’s dream of building such a huge dam be realized? What is the current government doing to keep this dream alive? Is Ethiopia’s air space protected 24x7x365? It is very important that the Ethiopian government pay special attention to the air space of the country. Even though we don’t expect our northern cousins, Egyptians, to attack us with military jets, we need to be very vigilant just to be on the safe side. For this reason, Ethiopia’s Air Force should be stationed as close as possible to the dam. Meles Zenawi has mobilized the people of Ethiopia on this project, at this time “The Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam Project” is not just Meles Zenawi’s, it is the people’s project.

Recent articles published on Egypt’s plan to attack Ethiopia here and here brought this matter to the forefront.

Below is a detailed post on the security issue of the dam, originally published at Tigrai Online.

Wikileaks reports say Egypt was planning to bomb the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam

At the end of July 2012 Wikileaks has leaked files allegedly from the Texas-based global intelligence company, Stratfor, which quote an anonymous high-level Egyptian source saying they were talking to the Sudanese government to build a military base in the border of Sudan and Ethiopia. They were going to use this base to launch military jets and special commandos to destroy the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam which is being built at Nile river about 40 kilometers from the Sudan border in western Ethiopia.

Last week Mubarak met with four out of the 5 countries demanding more rights over the Nile (unclear if he met in person or talked to them over the phone). Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda reached an agreement with Egypt and pledged cooperation that the water will only be used for electricity generation (not diverted for irrigation), while Egypt pledged more developmental projects. We’ll keep talking and talking to them to make sure all sides abide by the agreement.

The only country that is not cooperating is Ethiopia. We are continuing to talk to them, using the diplomatic approach. Yes, we are discussing military cooperation with Sudan. we have a strategic pact with the Sudanese since in any crisis over the Nile, Sudan gets hit first then us. We can’t afford that. The military cooperation we are discussing is for emergency planning, but I don’t think it will come that yet. There will not be a war. If it comes to a crisis, we will send a jet to bomb the dam and come back in one day, simple as that. Or we can send our special forces in to block/sabotage the dam. But we aren’t going for the military option now. This is just contingency planning. Look back to an operation Egypt did in the mid-late 1970’s, i think 1976, when Ethiopia was trying to build a large dam. We blew up the equipment while it was traveling by sea to Ethiopia.

Follow-up to insight on Egypt asking Sudan to station commandos in Sudan
for ‘worst case’ scenario on the Nile issue: Sudanese president Umar al-Bashir has agreed to allow the Egyptians to build an a small airbase in Kusti to accommodate Egyptian commandos who might be sent to Ethiopia to destroy water facilities on the Blue Nile. He insists that the military option is not one that the Egyptians favor. It will be their option if everything else fails.

“While this can in no way be official policy at this point, I believe that there would be more maneuvering with a new leadership in Ethiopia because there would be the ability to communicate and not be seen as antagonistic,” An Egyptian ministry of water and irrigation said about two weeks before the official announcement of the death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

“While Egypt never wants to mingle in another country’s affairs, a new leadership in Ethiopia would go a long way to changing how things are run, just like it has in Egypt,” the official added.

Why was the Egyptian official talking about future new leadership while the Prime Minster of Ethiopia was alive? Has he known what will happen to Meles Zenawi ahead of time? If he did why, how and what did he know?

There are many reports out there the useless Ethiopian extremists are working to stop any development in Ethiopia, including boycotting, Ethiopian Airlines, trying to stop support for Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam and working with strategic enemies of our country. ESAT the Ginbot-7 mouth piece is reported to have been receiving financial support from the Egyptian government.

Now we know Egypt was planning to bomb the Dam, what else are the Egyptians planning and conspiring against Ethiopia behind the curtain?

Here is the Wikilieaks url; cut and paste it to your browser.

The above article was originally published at Tigrai Online