This website is dedicated to the memory of the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi.

This domain was registered back in 2005, but we did not get the chance to create a website until after Meles Zenawi passed away on August 20, 2012. We thank the late PM for his dedicated public service.

We are always looking for ways to improve this website and to work with other interested parties to make this website a permanent memorial for Meles Zenawi. If you are interested to share your ideas on how we can improve this website, please contact us.

Our primary interest is about Meles Zenawi and his achievements and focus on the areas that were very important to the late premier, like: gender equality, the environment, development, Africa’s self destiny, high work ethics, peace and security, fighting terrorism, and more.

We are also very much interested in national economic development in Ethiopia and Africa in general. Hence, our posts focus on Ethiopian national unity, peace, development, international relations, strategic partnerships that benefit Ethiopia and its people, and lessons learnt from other nations.

We avoid extreme negative, belittling posts, we focus on the positive. Does this sound good? Why don’t you sign up as a contributing editor of the website?

If you are submitting articles for reviews, please ensure that your articles are facts, and do not insult others (even if they are the opposition to Meles Zenawi and Ethiopia). Focus on the good side of Ethiopia, and Meles Zenawi’s accomplishments. So, if your article calls names, it will not be approved.

Comments in this website must be civilized. No abusive foul language, cursing, name calling is allowed. If that is your intention, please don’t waste your time; such comments won’t be approved. After all, this is a memorial website.

* No unsubstantiated allegations, No incitement to ethnic, religious or sectarian hatred, no spam. All offending comments will be deleted without notice.

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