Addis Ababa, Capital of Ethiopia, Ranked as One of Top 10 Cities in the World to Visit in 2013 by Lonely Planet (Video)

By CCTV Correspondent Girum Chala
Oct. 30, 2012

Lonely planet, the global travel and guide Book Company, has named Addis Ababa as one of the top ten cities in the world to visit in 2013. What’s more, the capital of Ethiopia is the only African city to appear on the list. The number of major continental and international events the city is hosting has continued rising. So, what could be the fundamental reasons for this?

With close to 4 million people residing in Addis, the city is one the fastest growing metropolis in the word. Addis hosts more than 115 embassies and many international and regional organizations. Ever since the establishment of the continental organization the OAU and now the African Union, Addis Ababa is serving as the home of the African dream and hope. With the steady growth and new infrastructure being constructed, Many agree, the hospitality of the city’s residents partially contributes to the city’s positive image.

Fedlu Nuredin, Addis Ababa resident, said, “The people have their own unique cultures. That includes Ethiopian hospitality. People here accept anyone equally just because they are human beings. They also sacrifice themselves for the comfort of the guest. If Ethiopia can use these all, I believe there are better things to come in the future.”

Placed on Africa’s highest altitude, Addis Ababa, meaning New Flower in Amharic, is one of the oldest cities in Africa dating back to 125 years ago. Tourists love the city for various reasons good food, better hotels or its adorable hospitality. It’s a city that has something to offer for everyone.

Zinna Zamora, hotel manager, said, “That is a beautiful country. First of all the weather is beautiful. And it is accessible to any part of Africa and to the world itself. The people are nice as well. And the country itself it is very safe. That is actually the first thing always get as a feedback. It is because normally when you say Ethiopia they still think of the past. But when they come and see Ethiopia they find it nice and they look forward in coming back.”

This once forgotten and backward city is now outshining its competitors in the region. But still, Addis has its own challenges, poor sanitation management, lack of clean water supply and bad roads.

Addis Ababa unlike other cities of the country is called by some the sanctuary of Ethiopia’s nations and nationalities and their colorful cultures. The city is now presenting itself to the world testifying Africa’s economic growth is real and remarkable.

Addis Ababa in pictures:

The hard work of Meles Zenawi is paying its dividends. May his soul rest in peace. Amen!