Al-Amoudi and Members of his Company, MIDROC Ethiopia, Pay Tribute to the Late Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi (Video)

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi and members of his company, MIDROC Ethiopia, pay tribute to the late Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi.

Very emotional Al-Amoudi said (speech is in Amharic, this is a translation):

All Ethiopians are wise, intelligent, and compassionate people and they have demonstrated that at the sudden death of Meles. I have seen that in my own eyes. To me, Meles was my teacher, my mentor. He has taught me how to pay sacrifices, how to love one’s country, how to care for the people and how to be considerate for the people. He has made me to be much generous person and also has made me think for all of us collectively, rather than how to think for myself. His unwavering public service can not be paid back by me or by my family or by you MIDROC employees. We will always keep Meles in our hearts and thoughts and pray to God for his soul to live forever in paradise. We will work harder than ever to keep the memories and visions of Meles!

MIDROC Ethiopia’s CEO also spoke.

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