Azeb Mesfin Stresses Public Participation in Meles Zenawi Foundation (Video)

Photo: Azeb Mesfin, Meles Zenawi’s widow, and President of The Meles Zenawi Foundation

The Meles Zenawi Foundation Board President, Azeb Mesfin, called on the public to take part in the activities undertaken to transfer the legacy of the Visionary Leader Meles Zenawi to the next generation.

Azeb in an interview with Tigray Mass Media said the Foundation has great role to transfer the thoughts of Meles to generations.

She said the Foundation would help the youth to embark on research of the living works Meles in building democracy, development and poverty eradication, thereby contribute its share for the nation’s development.

The owner of the Foundation, the public, has to participate in the activities of the Foundation by originating ideas and nurturing the Foundation, she said.

The Meles Zenawi Foundation established recently is dedicated to preserving and advancing the legacy of the Great Leader Meles Zenawi in his lifelong commitment to peace, justice, economic development, good governance and democracy for the Ethiopian and African peoples.

Embedded video in Tigrigna