China’s State Media Engagement in Africa: An Instrument of Public Diplomacy

Dec. 20, 2012

The West has not been interested in Africa for decades. Now, after seeing what China is doing in Africa, the topic of Africa, specifically, Africa’s relations with China, has come to the front pages. Most western states are mulling over what they need to do to get the piece of the action in Africa. Yes, Africa is changing for the better.

Some predict that the West will change their course in the next decade and try to get in to Africa using various methods, but it could be too late as most Africans will have a solid relationship with China by then.

Ethiopia has attracted huge investments from China and we hope that Chinese media will be allowed to expand in Ethiopia soon, as Addis Ababa is the political capital of Africa.

Yushan Wu of the South African Institute of International Affairs gave a power point presentation titled China’s State Media Engagement in Africa: An Instrument of Public Diplomacy.

Click here to read the report (PDF File)

The paper discusses the following topics:

1. China’s media engagement in Africa
• Evolved
• Direct Implications?

2. Beyond the institutional influences
• Public opinion
• Social contact
• Trends in Africa

3. Conclusion