Ethiopia: 1st Year Memorial of the Late Meles Zenawi to be Observed (Video)

Photo: Ex-First Lady Azeb Mesfin, Meles Zenawi’s widow

First year memorial of the late great leader, Meles Zenawi would be observed on 20 August 2013, Meles Zenawi Foundation (MZF) has announced.

MZF Board vice chair, Kassa Tekleberhan told reporters on Saturday July 20, 2013 that a cornerstone would also be laid same day for a future Museum and Park of the Foundation.

On 21 August 2013, trees would be planted on selected spots across Ethiopia in honor of the great leader, he said.

On 19 August 2013, institutions across nation would hold candlelight vigils to honor the late great leader.

Azeb Mesfin, MZF chair and widow of the late great leader, for her part said the Foundation has been undertaking various activities.

The Foundation is working to make the late great leader’s original manuscripts accessible to scholars and researchers, she said.

It is also facilitating ways to involve citizens in the donation by way of sending sms or entering money in bank accounts to be opened in Addis Ababa and regional towns for the purpose.

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Press briefing from former Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi’s Foundation
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