Ethiopia: Chuan Hui International Tower and Park Hyatt Addis Ababa Increased from 58 Floors to 99 Floors

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Design Update: Floors increased from 58 to 99 – Chuan Hui International Tower and Park Hyatt Addis Ababa to be Africa’s Tallest Building

March 3, 2013 — Guangdong Chuan Hui Group is delighted to announce new details about the projects being developed in Ethiopia in general and the Chuan Hui International Tower in Addis Ababa in particular.

After negotiations with the Addis Ababa Municipal Authority the Chuan Hui group has secured 41,000 sq m of land in Urael district for the construction of the hotel complex. At the meeting, Mr. Yanlin Liu expressed the future blueprint for Sino-Ethiopian Chuanhui Investment Holding Group: first, to establish the Chuanhui Industry Zone—the largest cement production zone in Ethiopia. Chuanhui Industry Zone will expand another twenty hectors of the land based on the previous forty hectors. The total area for the Industry Zone will reach sixty hectors.

Besides the self-built cement plant, [first] it will continue to attract foreign investors and foreign capitals to expand the scale the cement production as far as possible; second, to build the Park Hyatt Addis Ababa hotel which will become the landmark in Ethiopia. The area of the land is around fifty thousand square meters.

Once the Park Hyatt Addis Ababa is completed, it will provide and create working opportunities for local people and will also promote the development of local tourism; third, to build the biggest Diesel Generator Supply-Maintenance Center in Ethiopia.

Guangdong Chuanhui Group has reached the cooperative agreement with Shandong Zibo Diesel Generator Corporation; forth, to build the Automotive Supply and Maintenance Center. Guangdong Chuanhui Group will cooperate with JAC Group to explore the automotive market.

Fifth, Guangdong Chuanhui group will again collaborate with Hyatt Corporation to build the Hyatt Regency hotel in the new Addis Ababa Exhibition Center.

The Chuan Hui International Tower will have 99 floors and rise to a total height of 448 meters currently under consideration, as per the revised plans. Under these new plans, floors 78 to 94 will be occupied by 217 rooms, all of five star quality. The hotel will be managed by the Park Hyatt hotel group.

Floors 3 to 55 will be premium office space. The Park Hyatt Addis Ababa will have at least five restaurants, with Chinese cuisine, Ethiopian cuisine, Italian cuisine, and Modern cuisine being represented, as well as a coffee shop and cafe. There are possible plans for a revolving, or at least roof top, restaurant and lounge.

The 2,600 m2 of conference space will include a plenary hall, a Grand Ballroom and many conference and breakout rooms. Also planned are 10,000 m2 of garden grounds, and a 1,100-spot underground parking garage. We are currently considering naming the building the Meles Zenawi International Centre, in tribute the the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

The three ground levels and two basement levels will have 27,000 m2 of retail space, accommodating around 60 stores, such as Woolworth’s, Nando’s, Nakumatt, Kaldi’s Coffee, and several other luxury international brands.

As a public service, a 1,500 m2 library will included in the project. With the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center, we hope the Chuan Hui International Tower will be the keystones of the Urael New Area.

About Chuan Hui Group

Guangdong Chuan Hui Science and Technology Development Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, referred to as Chuan Hui Group, one of the Guangdong Province of the earliest private group companies. Our company was established in 1990, when registered as “Chuan Hui Industrial Co., Ltd.; 1992, with the development of new, registered as” Chuan Hui Industrial Development Co., Ltd.; 1993, the formal establishment of a dubbed the place where name and level of Huiyang County, Sichuan Hui Enterprise Group, December 1994, the company approved as a provincial private sector, Guangdong Province Chuan Hui Enterprise Group was registered in December of that year. 1999, officially renamed as “Chuan Hui, Guangdong Science and Technology Development Group Co., Ltd., has been in use ever since.

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