Ethiopia-Sudan Highway Link Completed

Jan. 17, 2013

Editor’s Note:

Currently, depends on Djibouti port for about 98% of its international trade. To ease the high reliance on Djibouti, Ethiopia is now seeing other alternative routes to the sea. In 2005, Addis Ababa reached an agreement with neighbouring Somaliland to access the Berbera port. Ethiopia is also using Port after it built a that connects Ethiopia’s northern town of Metama with Port Sudan via Gedarif in eastern Sudan. Currently, there are over 200 road projects underway in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Road and Transport Authority announced on Tuesday (January 15th, 2013) that the construction of a highway linking Ethiopia with neighboring Sudan had been completed and was open now for traffic.

The 100km-long road, stretching from Ethiopia’s Asosa town to Sudan’s Kumruk (Kormuk), will enhance trade relations as well as social ties between the two countries.

The construction of the project was carried out by a Chinese construction company at a cost of over US$27 million. This Ethiopia-Sudan highway is the second highway connecting Ethiopia with Sudan.

Earlier, Ethiopia built a highway to connect its northern town of Metemma with Port Sudan via Gedaref in eastern Sudan. The construction of this road has played an important role in increasing the interstate trade between the two countries and allows Ethiopia to use Sudan’s Port Sudan.


Over 100km in length Highway build up by Chinese Build Highway Link between Ethiopia & Sudan

A Chinese-built & financed highway link between Ethiopia & the Sudan was acknowledged open & operational during the week, when officials in Addis Ababa made the statement.

The new highway, over 100km in length, connects the Ethiopian town of Asossa with the Sudanese town of Kumruk, making trade & calls significantly easier for traders as well as travelers.

The cost of over US$27 million was guaranteed by China & opens up another route authorizing interior Ethiopia to trade within the region & her direct neighbors.

Ethiopia is also part of Kenya’s LAPSSET development which is set to shape a new deep sea harbor near Lamu & then link Kenya with Ethiopia & South Sudan by highway & railway, at last giving Ethiopia a reliable & safe way for imports & exports withdrawn from hostile neighbors.

Ethiopia is a beautiful country for tourist, the cheapest airfare deals are available for the tourists from all over the world to visit and explore this beautiful part of the world. Now, with this development, things become cheaper and affordable for the people of china, Sudan and Ethiopia.