Ethiopians in San Diego Raised $43,160 USD for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Photo: Partial view of Downtown San Diego

By Tibebe Solomon Abera
San Diego

In our effort of supporting the Renaissance Dam, sons and daughter of Ethiopia and Ethiopian origins in San Diego have gathered at the East African Community and Cultural Center on April 28, 2013 to continue the support of the Hidase Dam.

There was presence of violent group of people who tried to discourage our bond buying event by disturbing in an irregular manner in the community center. These were people who gathered from Los Angeles and San Diego cities who are die-hard anti peace and development elements of the flourishing developments in Ethiopia, particularly the Renaissance Dam.

This group of people was not willing to talk in a civil manner. Their style was shouting, insulting, and offending personal rights. Their goal was merely to seize the fundraising effort by the use of violence. The San Diego police have shown its presence and deterred them from doing any further disturbance.

As soon as these groups were evicted from the event hall, the fundraising program had continued as planned and the congregation was updated on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam construction. At this day, determined and committed supporters of the Hidase Dam had shown the extent of their support by raising a total of $43,160 worth of bond.

The San Diego executive members and Public Relations are not distracted by these pro-poverty groups. In fact, we are more united and our effort will continue in stronger manner. We will resolve the violence by discussing more with the San Diego Police and other government officials of our city. I would like all Ethiopians and Ethiopian origins to know that the San Diego Hidase council unlike any other time have strongly expressed our stand to aggressively continue our effort of support until the realization of the great Renaissance. The San Diego Hidase council promises to hinder this groups from further deterrence by civil and democratic manners working along with the San Diego city officials.

Our this year effort is planned to reach $100,000 by the month of June, 2013. The Hidase council would like to extend its call to all people of San Diego to help us reach our goal by buying $50, $100, $200 or more worth of bond for this year share.

Please encourage Ethiopian and Ethiopian friends to continue their contributions by taking part in this historic effort by spreading this message by the means of txt, e-mails, phone calls and web sites.

The Great Renaissance will never be a failure!

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Tibebe Solomon Abera is the Chairman of the San Diego Hidase Council