Ethiopians in UAE Purchase $2.5 mln USD Worth of GERD Bond

Addis Ababa, February 4, 2013 (WIC) – Ethiopians living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have so far bought 2.5 million US dollars worth of bonds for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

They have also pledged to buy another 95,000 US dollars worth of bonds.

“Ethiopians in UAE who rightly understood the significance of the GERD has been supporting the project in enthusiastic manner,” Ethiopia’s Consul General in the UAE, Misaganu Arega, said at the festival held to celebrate the second anniversary of the beginning of the construction of the Dam.

This, he added, was “exemplary and showed that we can build the dam on our own”.

Reiterating his appreciation, he said “the overall support and enthusiasm shown by the Ethiopian people as a whole reflects its desire to extricate the nation from poverty.” (MoFA)