Ethiopians Rededicate Support for Renaissance Dam at May 28 Celebrations in London


London, UK – June 3, 2013 — Ethiopians in the UK rededicated themselves to supporting the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) at the 22nd anniversary of May 28 when the Dergue regime fell and new vistas for Ethiopia’s Renaissance opened up.

Members of the Diaspora pledged more rigorous support of the national economic transformation that is transforming living conditions through the implementation of pro-poor economic policies and strategies.

H.E. Berhanu Kebede, Ethiopian Ambassador to the UK and Scandinavian countries, addressing the gathering organized by the Tigray Development Association (TDA), said we will rededicate efforts supporting Ethiopia’s

Renaissance, rolling out good practice and success stories in all fields of endeavour.

He said we will remain fully engaged in development, peace and democracy building, in line with the teachings of our great leader, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Focus will be on empowering the people, on the fight against poverty and the realization of the mega projects including the construction of the GERD, road and infrastructure development and the provision of social facilities in the areas of education and health.

Ethiopia, as one of the ten fastest growing economies in the world, has to increase the momentum by mobilizing both the human and financial resources at its disposal for the benefit and advancement of its people, while aspiring to join the community of nations of middle income group by 2025.

Members of the Diaspora, he said, have a greater role and responsibility in redoubling participation and engagement in investment, trade and tourism, joining hands with fellow compatriots working hard for the success of the Five-Year Growth and Transformation Plan.

Ambassador Berhanu appreciated the fervour and commitment displayed by those buying GERD Bonds in the UK, where a total of over £574,000 worth have been bought, and urged all Ethiopians to join hands in raising funds and facilitating the construction of the dam. This will serve as an engine for the overall growth of Ethiopia, one of the emerging African economies, and will have a positive bearing for development and regional integration.

Representing the Ethiopian community, Chairman of the Ethiopian Somali Diaspora Umbrella Organization, Mr Nuur Hussein said May 28 liberated nations and nationalities from the shackles of oppression and savagery of the Dergue regime. On this day, he said, our nation embraced diversity and put in place a constitution that guaranteed equality and the right of people to promote their cultures and languages. Paying tribute to the great leader, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, the pioneer of Ethiopia’s Renaissance and development, he said, “Let us celebrate diversity, remain united and stronger and let us defeat poverty”.

Invited vocalists, including the award-winning Dankira dance troupe, played traditional Ethiopian songs and dances that entertained the audience through the night.

Present on the occasion were community and religious leaders, representatives of the various development associations, members of the Ethiopian Diaspora community and other invited guests and friends of Ethiopia.

A minute of silence was observed to remind those present of the sacrifice made and the heroic acts of the fighters, and a candle was lit to mark the anniversary.


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