Ethiopia’s Strategic Resolve to Building the Grand Renaissance Dam

By Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington D.C
February 23, 2013

The win-win strategy that resonated in the wake of the triumphant culmination of the entourage of a high-caliber Egyptian Public Diplomatic Mission to Ethiopia some two years ago immediately after the historic foundation was laid on by the late Premier Meles Zenawi triggered off a wave of considered and ill-considered reactions from both sides of the isle.

That hitherto unprecedented momentous public spectacular event will certainly pass down in the annals of contemporary Ethiopian-Egyptian Diplomatic history as a pioneering episode of people to people bond created in the aftermath of a bubble of an aura of schism. The superficially molded rupture was deliberately blown out of proportion by the powers that be and their hirelings, with the wicked intent of hoodwinking the Egyptian society at large. This diabolical scheme was by and large enunciated by the power elite of Egypt alternating at the helm of the political hierarchy for quite a formidable period of time.

The make believe puzzle perpetrated was designed at constructing a fictitious fable, so much so the rank and file Egyptians were cunningly made to think that any attempt at using the Nile waters initiated by Ethiopia shall be seen as an act of provocative tampering with the holy water of the Nile that will break the back of Egypt precipitating an Armageddon scenario on the populace.

However the plausible apt Ethiopian positive measure pursued against the time bomb theory which was planted for years on end by enemies far and near entailed an ignominious debacle to the nefarious scheme. The then Prime Minister Meles Zenawi extended an olive tree, courtesy to a long running Ethiopian traditional mores that echoes the need to appreciate a neighbor in need of understanding by unilaterally extending Ethiopia’s ratification of the New Nile Deal.

This gesture allowed the Egyptian brothers and sisters a reasonably ample confidence building process and time, to dispel the poison that seemed to have been intrinsically intertwined and deeply engrained with their psych to look realistically into the matter with the significance it is imbued with, that it accrues to the equitable and sustainable benefit of the two brotherly peoples inhabiting the two sisterly countries. Ethiopia clearly understands that it is not an Island in today’s globally interconnected and interrelated world in all its manifestations. Any predisposition that impacts socially, politically or economically on the Ethiopian societal milieu certainly has wider ramifications beyond its frontiers.

What is more, Ethiopia’ history of yesteryear is pregnant with solid historical anecdotes that testify to the fact that Ethiopia had the niche as a pioneering state as the vanguard of the anti-colonial struggle by nipping in the bud a technologically and militarily superior European aggressor power over a century ago. It rose aloft with the burning torch of independence and sovereignty by leading the downtrodden people of the world along a proven venue of national resistance and popular will, not to succumb to the dictates of imperial powers.

Today, we witness that history is repeating itself on an elevated avenue by consciously enabling Ethiopia to again shoulder the gigantic responsibility to lead the arduous path of ascribing the burden of poverty to become the dust bin of history. It is on this realm that Ethiopia as a member of the global family should reckon with its dual mission of being accountable to the events beyond its borders by thinking globally and act locally being answerable to its objective needs. It is against this backdrop that one should view the gesture of accommodation displayed by Ethiopia towards the Sudan and particularly Egypt as concerns the Grand Renaissance Dam.

Hence the time frame gave the two countries to mellow their unfounded suspicion allowing them to have a sufficient breathing space to consider objectively, the new global developments taking place elsewhere and awake from the misguided slumber inoculated with the wrong poisonous drug specially targeting the Egyptian society by its power elite who two years ago were set asunder into oblivion by the popular upheaval that took place in that country by the unprecedented upsurge of the Egyptian youth.

As if in a twist of events a disturbing scenario under the guise of religious solidarity was recently unmasked in a purported meeting of the extreme elements of the fringe Ethiopian Diaspora held in the outskirts of Washington D.C. A certain Egyptian Imam was bluffing of his commitment to spread mayhem and tribulation by subscribing and resorting to divisive strategies based on faith among Ethiopians who for the first time in Ethiopia’s Millennia years are resonating with the sweet fruit of a Federal Constitution that openly declares the equality of faith and belief of all and sundry assortments.

What is more, this flagrant and malicious ill-intended act of instigation flies in the air as the Ethiopian people irrespective of religious denominations are poised to uproot poverty and witness development that has already shown a tangible scene with the noble aim of enlisting the nation in the ranks of middle income countries and transforming its image positively in the not too distant future.

It should be stated without any equivocation that the equation and the dire need of pursuing with building the Grand Renaissance Dam is not a game of cherry-picking for Ethiopia but is a sine qua none measure in tune with its grand design of uplifting its society from the bondage of grinding poverty.

On the other hand, the sinister and evil moves by the fringe elements of the Diaspora extremists in concert with various alien forces under different garbs can’t thwart the forward march of the Ethiopian people which have vowed to vehemently condemn them to smithereens. This I believe is a clear testimony to the lack of agenda harbored by the Extremists and the absence of purpose they truly subscribe to and definitively exposes their stand as blowing with the wind spinning anything they see fit even if it serves for a day’s consumption.