House Passes Proclamation to Establish Meles Zenawi Foundation

Addis Ababa, Janaury 18, 2013 – (WIC) – The House of People’s Representatives on Thursday endorsed a proclamation establishing Meles Zenawi Foundation.

Named after the late Prime Minister, the Foundation, when established, will include a mausoleum where the body of the late premier will be laid to rest, a public park and library.

This will, among other things, be tasked to collect and catalogue the works of the late premier, and writings and documentary videos on his life and works.

The Foundation will also have the duty of facilitating conditions for research that focuses on economics, development and democracy.

It will also have the job of producing popular and educational works about building a green economy and make scholarships available for women.

MP Asmelash Woldeselasie, Chair of the Legal, Justice and Administration Standing Committee said “the Foundation will enable us to continue with the ideals of the developmental state, of equality, and democracy that Meles fought for since his youth.”