IBM To Expand In Ethiopia On Increased Demand, Stable Economy

Dec. 22, 2012

VENTURES AFRICA – IBM is set to expand its Ethiopian operations as the country’s stable government and improving infrastructure poses extensive opportunities for business growth.

Speaking at an IBM recruitment event in Addis Ababa, Market Development Advisor for IBM Gordon Lehman revealed the company’s plans to grow its presence on the Ethiopian market in the coming period, as demand from local partners has been booming over recent months, reports Ethiopian Business News.

Lehman went on to consider the opportunities presented by the Ethiopian developmental landscape, noting that the country boasts one of the quickest growing economies in the world.

Ethiopia has for years boasted a stable government, which has implemented a formal legal structure for business activities which is largely accepted to be transparent and well-functioning, supported by constructive processes and good implementation.

Furthermore, the country ensures a safe environment for investors, with a framework in place to protect investments.

All in all, the multiplicity of factors contributing to the stability of the Ethiopian economy coupled with the increasing demand on the ground has prompted IBM to make the decision to focus its efforts on ramping up expansion in the country, explained Lehman.

In a programme to firm up the economy and facilitate business in the country, the Ethiopian government and investors have been pushing infrastructure development across the country, with upgrades and construction of road, water, and telecoms infrastructure taking place, as well as the building of necessary social infrastructure such as hospitals and schools.

This strengthening infrastructure network also proves an attraction to investors in more than one way.  Given the relatively new phase of development, there still remain a number of projects that investors could get on board with, to develop Ethiopia’s infrastructural sphere.