Jijiga Erects Meles Zenawi Statue in City Square

April 09, 2013

Jijiga, 628km east of Addis Ababa, in the Somali Regional State, named the newly constructed hospital “Meles Zenawi Memorial Referral Hospital” back on August 27, 2012. The decision for naming the hospital after the late premier was executed by the Regional Council soon after the death of the late premier.

The hospital, which had been under construction since 2008, was built at a cost of 500 million ET Birr, and will have 715 rooms and can accommodate from 250 to 300 patients at a time. It will serve five million people from the Somali and neighbouring regions, according to Mahmud Teyb, project manager at Amel Construction, the contractor undertaking the construction.


Now the people of Jigiga have erected a statue of the late Meles Zenawi in the city square.


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Jigjiga Unveils Meles Zenawi Monument

A monument erected in Jigjiga town, Somali State, in commemoration of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was unveiled yesterday.

State Chief Abdi Mohammed Umer and State Council Deputy Speaker Abdi Abdulahi unveiled the monument. Abdi on the occasion said the monument was erected to honour the contribution of the late Meles to the freedom and equality of nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia as well as the development of the country. He said Meles was a leader who struggled to enable the country effectively utilize its resources including the Nile River and reduce poverty. Abdi said Meles strived to enable the pastoral community benefit from development activities.

Some residents on their part said that erection of the monument is befitting. Earlier, a referral hospital in the town was also named after the late Premier.

Source: Ethiopian Helard