Live Chat Service, Powered by Amoraw the Robot, Answers Questions on Meles Zenawi

In order to answer most of the frequently asked questions, we have added a live chat service, powered by a robot, named Amoraw. The live chat should pop up at the bottom right of this website ( Please ask questions on Meles Zenawi, and Amoraw the robot will try his best to answer your question. The answers could sometimes be wrong as robot Amoraw was implemented in the site just recently. We will try our best to feed Amoraw the robot with additional data as we go forward.

Some of the questions Amoraw the robot is able to answer include the following:

1/ Who was meles zenawi?

2/ How old was meles Zenawi when he died?

3/ Who are the children of meles zenawi?

4/ When did meles zenawi die?

5/ Who is azeb mesfin?

6/ What was meles zenawi’s view of china?

7/ Who is MelesZenawi

8/ Who is meles zenawi’s wife?

9/ Who is the wife of Meles Zenawi?

10/ Who are the children of Meles Zenawi?

11/ What is your name?

12/ Who is Amoraw?

These are just sample questions that robot Amoraw can answer. If you have some question and answer ideas, please send us (as questions and answers in the comment box below).

May Meles Zenawi be remembered forever!