Meles Zenawi’s Foundation Establishing Conference to be Held in March 2013

Recently, FDRE House of Peoples Representatives ratified to establish Meles Zenawi Foundation and that it planned to have a kick off summit in the near future. Consequently, Ato Adisu Legese, the foundation chairman, provided a press-release, explaining planned activities and also indicated that foundation leader will be elected.

The foundation has already collected the works of Meles Zenawi. Moreover, the corpse of Meles Zenawi will be moved from its current location to the foundation centre.

The foundation will promote the works of the late PM Meles Zenawi, such as his speeches, books, visits, research, and all activities. We at has seen the value the late PM has brought to Ethiopia and have already documented all publications after he passed away.


Meles Zenawi’s Foundation establishing conference to be held in March

Addis Ababa, February 22, 2013 (WIC) – The Organizing Committee of Meles’ Foundation announced that preparations are underway so as to conduct the founding conference at the end of March this year.

In his briefing to local journalists on Thursday, the chairperson of the founding conference organizing committee Ato Addisu Legesse said the foundation will collect, organize and make accessible late PM Meles Zenawi’s researches and other documents.

Following the endorsement of the proclamation for the establishment of Meles’ Foundation by the HPR last January, the organizing committee has been making various preparations to establish the foundation.

According to Ato Addisu, the foundation will built a library that meets international standards so as to make accessible the performances and educational materials of Meles Zenawi to the public and researchers.

The foundation will work to keep and strengthen the positive impact of late PM Meles Zenawi on peace, democracy and development in his country and the continent, Ato Addisu said.

Nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, pertinent government bodies as well as other relevant sections of the society will take part in establishing the foundation, the chairperson said, adding that delegates from Africa and other world nations are also expected to join  the founding conference.

According to Ato Addisu the organizing committee has been collecting the writings, speeches and researches of late PM Meles Zenawi.

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Preparations underway to make happen Meles Zenawi Foundation ( MZF)

A committee in charge of organizing a founding conference for Meles Zenawi Foundation (MZF) next month was set up and is currently undertaking preparations to organize the conference.

Addisu Legesse, chairperson of the conference organizing committee made the announcement on Thursday.

It is to be recalled that the House of People’s Representatives endorsed a proclamation establishing Meles Zenawi Foundation back in January. Ever since, activities have been underway to make happen MZF.

According to Addisu Legesse, conference organizing committee chair, MZF would help keep the works of the great leader Meles Zenawi and keep going his vision for the nation.

At the conference, a council representing all founding members of MZF, namely Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples, pertinent government bodies as well as other relevant sections of the society would be set up to

Delegates from Ethiopia, Africa and various other world nations would be invited to the MZF founding conference.

Besides undertaking preparations for the conference, the organizing committee has also collected the writings of the great leader as well as prepared a sketch for the foundation, Addisu said.

He called on the public to humbly unhang the photographs of the great leader Meles Zenawi which they have been hanging following his untimely passing.