Open Letter to Prince Kahlid Bin Sultan Al-Riyadh, Deputy Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia

By G. E. Gorfu


I read your comments as reported in the Sudan Tribune of Feb. 27, 2013 where you accused Ethiopia of posing a threat to the Nile water rights of Egypt and Sudan. Where did these Nile water rights come from? Are you referring to the Treaty of 1929 where your Colonial Master of the time, Britain, gave rights to waters it did not own? If so, Your Excellency needs to know, as Ethiopia was neither a colony nor a protectorate of Britain, the issue is moot. But that is not why I am writing to Your Excellency.

What I would like to advise Your Excellency is to keep your fingers out of this issue as Saudi Arabia is neither a Nile Riparian, nor an African nation to concern itself over this issue. This is an African issue. Ethiopia, conducting itself in accordance with all Continental and International Laws, and within its own borders, has every right to build any dam it pleases. You say: Ethiopians “do not forsake an opportunity to harm Arabs…” I challenge Prince Kahlid Bin Sultan to produce not two, not three, but just one incident where Ethiopians ever harmed Arabs – just one!

Now, let me try to educate and give His Excellency Prince Kahlid Bin Sultan some lessons of history: –
1- Ethiopia is recognized as ‘The Land of Justice’ by Prophet Mohammad, and this is not without good reason. A century before the Prophet, when Himyarite Arabs sent repeated petitions to be rescued from an oppressive Jewish ruler, Phineas, Ethiopia mounted an expeditionary force to Himyar, current day Yemen, to liberate Arabs. Ethiopia did not colonize the land. Atse Kaleb, the king of Ethiopia, pulled out his forces once the mission was accomplished. That is justice!

2- When Arab infidels rejected his message of Islam and were seeking to kill him and his followers, it was Ethiopia that welcomed the Sahabah of Prophet Mohammad and Islam with open arm – the Hijarat. That is why the Prophet said: “Leave Ethiopia alone!” If you are a Moslem and adhere to the teachings of the Koran, you better listen to the Prophet and keep your fingers out of Ethiopia!

3- For several millennia, Ethiopia received Arab migrant workers with open arms. They lived in peace, worked, prospered, intermarried and may were assimilated into the nation, and there is no record of Arabs in Ethiopia ever being abused or denied justice. Arabs, a nomadic people who did not cultivate wheat and did not know bread, but lived on camel milk and goat meat, came to Ethiopia and for the first time found bread, “Hebeste menaa” in Geez, from which, some linguists tell us, Habeshat – The Land of Bread, was coined.

Only when oil became a viable commodity after World War II, did Arabs start to return home. Now, thanks to oil, they became wealthy. But sadly, that wealth did not translate into justice or fairness. Are these not the same Arabs that persecuted the Prophet and today refuse to heed his words: “Leave Ethiopia alone”? Hence we see Prince Kahlid meddling in African affairs that do not concern him in the least.

Dear Prince Kahlid Bin Sultan, if you are serious about fairness and justice on Nile waters, why don’t you start with your own country, Saudi Arabia, and turn it into a land of justice and fairness? Why do so many people from Africa, Asia, and other Third World parts, get abused, and their Human Rights get trampled in Saudi Arabia and in many other Arab countries? How many maids and baby sitters have died without justice? How many have been raped and tortured? Need I remind you of Shwega Mullah,* who suffered so much abuse in the hands of another tyrant? Allah wu Akbar! God brought justice on that house!

Before you open your mouth to lecture us on African affairs and Nile water rights, you need to clean your own house. Saudi Arabia and many Arab countries to this very day are lands of slavery and injustice. If Arab tyrants do not leave Ethiopia alone, Ethiopia needs only raise her hands to God, and the same fate that befell the other Arab tyrants may soon befall you and your fellow tyrants. Be ware!