Over 20,300 New Condos Developed in Addis Ababa by the City Administration

Govornment Employees to Benefit from Condos

* Over 20,300 New Condos Developed in Addis Ababa in recent months

* The government so far constructed and transferred 80,000 condominium to beneficiaries

* Construction of 95,000 condos presently in progress

Addis Ababa February 23, 2013 — Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said a process will be arranged to transfer some condominium houses to government employees. Some 20,330 condos constructed in Lideta area through the redevelopment program and other sites in Addis Ababa were inaugurated and transferred to beneficiaries here Saturday.

Hailemariam on the occasion stressed the need to enable government employees benefit from the condos. He said efforts will also be exerted to put in place transparent system in this regard. Development activities being carried out by the Addis Ababa City Administration have created jobs to unemployed citizens in particular women and youth, he said, adding, such activities will further continue strengthened.

The Premier said construction of the condos ensures fair distribution of wealth among citizens with middle and low income in addition to curbing housing shortage.

City Mayor Kuma Demeksa on his part said the administration has so far constructed and transferred to beneficiaries 80,000 condominium houses. Kuma said construction of 95,000 houses is well in progress as per the Growth and Transformation Plan.

City Construction and Housing Development Bureau Head Getachew Hailemariam also said over 2.3 billion Birr was spent on construction of the 20,330 houses undertaken in Lideta, Arada, Kirkos, Kolfe-Keranyo, Bole, Jemo and Addis Ketema sites. He said some 24,000 of the 95,000 condos being constructed in the city will be transferred to residents with low income.

Infrastructure development including roads, water and electric services, among others, are fulfilled for over 1980 condos constructed through Lideta redevelopment project. The housing program is designed to address housing shortage and curbing unemployment through creating jobs in the construction sector, increasing the number of micro enterprises engaged in meeting the needs of enhanced construction and rehabilitating slum areas of the city through the redevelopment program. Higher level government officials including Speaker of House of Federation Kassa Tekleberhan and invited guests took part in the event.

Source: ena.gov.et