President Mursi and Compamy – Be Careful What You Wish for Ethiopia and the Great Renaissance Dam

Ambassador Tesfaye Habisso

President Mursi & Co., Be Careful What You Wish for Ethiopia and the Renaissance Dam [GERD]

“With nine million Ethiopians in need of food aid [every year] and rains in the country becoming ever more unreliable, the talking [over the use of the Nile waters] should not go on too long.” — United Nations World Food Programme, as quoted by Mike Thomson, 2005.

By Tesfaye Habisso, 13/06/2013

In light of the above words by the World Food Programme of the United Nations and the ongoing hostile rhetoric against Ethiopia and its mega hydro-power generation dam on the Blue Nile River trumpeted by President Mursi and his allies in the Islamic parties that have dominated the nation’s political marketplace for the time being, nobody in his/her right mind would fail to understand that the time for talking and diplomatic niceties with Egypt over the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [GERD] in particular and the common utilization of the Nile waters among the ten riparian nations equitably and reasonably without any substantial harm to any member of this bloc is long gone.

The Egyptian regime does not seem to wake up from its long slumber and realize that the Nile River and its waters belong to the ten riparian nations,namely Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, the Sudan, the DRC, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda, and not to Egypt and the Sudan as the latter naively and hypocritically seek to believe and thus control the waters of the Nile watercourse for perpetuity. These two countries should realize, whether they like it or not, that times have changed fundamentally in the Sub-Saharan Africa region and across the globe, and that no earthly force can frighten the current rulers of the upper riparian countries to submission and allow Egypt and the Sudan to continue monopolizing
the use and control of the Nile waters now or in the future.

Under these unhealthy circumstances, the futility of securing an agreement from the current Egyptian regime of President Mursi concerning the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [GERD] or any other irrigation projects on the Blue Nile River and its tributaries now or in the future is quite self-evident. Ethiopia’s launch of a mega dam on the Blue Nile River, known as the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [GERD], is aimed at overcoming the energy poverty of the country (currently only 3% of Ethiopians have access to electricity whereas 70% of South Africans enjoy access to such energy) and the sub-region including Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, etc. without any substantial reductions in the flow of the Nile waters to both the Sudan and Egypt as authoritatively confirmed through thorough and reliable studies and investigations undertaken by high level experts from the three countries concerned, viz.

Ethiopia, the Sudan and Egypt, in collaboration with neutral and well known international experts. If these research-based studies and confirmations by knowledgeable water sector experts are not palatable and acceptable to the current Egyptian regime and its cohorts, what better proofs and guarantees do they want? Therefore, the construction of the GERD by the Ethiopian government must continue with patriotic zeal and utmost diligence. For Ethiopians, the time now is for action and not for useless and endless talks and negotiations with Egypt. Under the prevailing circumstances, there is nothing to talk about with Egypt or

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President Mursi and Compamy – Be Careful What You Wish for Ethiopia and the Great Renaissance Dam