Scholars Remember the Late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi (Video)

Ethiopian scholars reflect on the legacy of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi.

Time in the video is shown in brackets.

Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin (1:28 to 9:09)
Dr. Constantinos Berhe (9:10 to 11:30)
Dr. Tassew Woldehana (12:49 to 14:27; 16:00 to 18:40; 21:57 to 24:58)
Dr. Tekea Alemu (12:28 to 15:48; 25:09 to )
Mr. Zemedeneh Nigatu (19:08 to 21:56)

Video is in Amharic. Feel free to translate each speakers comments in the comment field below.