Shared Destiny Tied by the Gift of the Nile


Government Perspective
May 30, 2013

The Nile basin countries are sleeping giants. They are endowed with substantial human and physical assets which, combined with proper financial and technological resources, have the potential to spur high levels of economic growth and development.

Today Ethiopia, the fountainhead of the Blue Nile and its many tributaries, is in a process of a rapid transformative change as its leadership is determined to close the chapter of its age-old underdevelopment. For in its eyes, underdevelopment has been the country’s biggest hurdle that had kept the people vulnerable to recurrent drought and famine. This legacy is now receding since Ethiopia has begun to effectively utilize its natural resources through government-led economic interventions and mobilization of its huge reservoir of labor force. Naturally favorable conditions had to obtain for Ethiopia to embark on its present groundbreaking agenda that aims beyond insuring food security. Chief among which has been the prevalence of a solid environment marked by peace, security, and stability that took hold in the immediate aftermath of the fall of its oppressive military regime in1991. Another crucial, if not, decisive factor behind Ethiopia’s rise is the political will of its leadership manifest in its commitment to lift the country out of centuries of stagnation and reliance on external subsidy to compensate for its annual food deficit. To this end the government has been implementing a series of comprehensive development strategies which explains the country’s impressive turnaround and enhanced capacity to plan and execute multiple mega infrastructural projects. Equally important has been the policy environment which invites interested external parties to a mutually- beneficial investment venture in the country’s vast agricultural potential. Including in its huge untapped renewable energy resource matched by only one other country in Africa.

Currently, encouraged by its eleven-year spell of double-digit growth, Ethiopia is in the midst of …

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