Stahl Africa Establishes First Leather Products Lab in Ethiopia

Feb. 01, 2013

Ethiopia: Stahl Opens New Application Laboratory in Addis Ababa

Stahl, a company that specialises in providing quality chemicals, dyes and coatings for leather is to open an application laboratory in Addis Abeba. Dutch company Stahl Africa has launched the first ever skin products chemical laboratory in Ethiopia. The laboratory was established in Addis Ababa and is expected to offer testing for different types of animal skins and hides.

The laboratory will be opened around Kality where the Ethiopian Leather Industry Development Institute’s (LIDI) is located, on February 2, 2013, in the presence of Mekonnen Manyazewal, state minister for industry and Hans Blankenberg, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Ethiopia and Huub Van Beijeren, CEO of Stahl.

The laboratory is fully equipped to process leathers from wet-blue to finishing and for the application of aftercare products for leather goods, Dawit Gebremicahel, senior technican of Stahl Africa told Fortune.

The laboratory will be a part of efforts to ensure the quality of Ethiopian leather products to enable them to become more competitive on the international market said Sisay Gemetchu, State Minister for Industry. The laboratory will help share the well developed Dutch expertise in the sector with the Ethiopian leather industry to help support the growing field said Hans Blankenberg, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Ethiopia. It is also expected that the laboratory will have the capacity to offer services to the leather sectors of countries in the region. The laboratory will launch services using imported chemical but has plans to establish a plant to produce quality chemicals for its use and for the use of other sectors that require similar chemicals it was said.

According to Ambassador of Netherland Hans Blankenberg dubbed the laboratory to be useful to pass well developed expertise of the Netherland in the industry to Ethiopian growing skin and hides sector.

According to ERTA, the Laboratory has the capacity to offer services to neighboring countries in the region. The company will use with imported chemicals for now; but it plans to install its own factory that will produce quality chemicals for its use and others in need of similar chemicals.

The company, which has been supplying chemicals for the last two decades, was established in 1926 by Hurry Stahl. The company produces a full line of chemical products for finishing leather and textile products.