Symposium Discusses Pivotal Role of Meles Zenawi in Addressing Diversity, Nation Building

Dec. 10, 2012

The late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi had played a pivotal role in building the federal democratic system that abolished oppression and guaranteed the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia the right to self-determination, noted on a nationwide symposium in Bahir Dar on Friday.

The symposium was prepared in connection with the 7th annual Day of nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia that would be culminated on Saturday in Bahir Dar town of Amhara Regional State.

A research paper entitled “Meles: the demand for freedom and equality by the Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples” was presented for discussion by CEO of Center for Development, Zephaniah Alemu.

He stated in his presentation that Meles was able to bring transformation in Ethiopia through establishing a constitutional system that properly addressed diversity. The people have become beneficiaries of the democratic system as well as the socio-economic justice established by Meles, he said.

Zephaniah explained the major gains of the multi-national federal democratic system established by the leadership of the late Prime Minister Meles.

The research paper indicates that the building of democratic system in the nation is being transformed to a higher level through the direct and active participation of citizens. The system has not only safeguarded the country from disintegrating, but also enabled it to build its image through the joint effort of its peoples, he said.

Zephaniah said a consistent speedy economic growth from which the nations, nationalities and peoples of the nation are equally benefiting is established under the leadership of Meles Zenawi.

He noted that the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is based on the principle of multinational federalism and addresses once and for all the identity question lived in the nation for ages. As a result, Ethiopian peoples are realizing their vision of jointly building one political and economic community based on their free will, he said.

According to ERTA’s reporter Befekadu Beyene in Bahir Dar, participants of the symposium for their part discussed the pivotal role played by Meles Zenawi for Ethiopia to reach where it is now.

Head of the Government Communication Affairs Office, Bereket Simon said the late Premier Meles had successfully led the arm struggle against the Derg regime that was unable to address diversity.