The Glittering Transformation of Ethiopia is beyond Reproach


By Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington, DC

It could be arguably and vehemently declared that the single most, cardinal issue that has captured unanimity in its entirety that has brought Africa together and indeed the world, a rare commodity in the global political and diplomatic market; is its concerted voice of testimonials to the undeniable development that Ethiopia continues to register in leaps and bounds.

This timely and pious stand of appreciation of the socio-economic miracles that Ethiopia is currently grasping stands in sharp contrast to the broad daylight acts of denials and utter blubber of blackmailing and malicious fabrications by the powers of mayhem and the messengers of doom and gloom abetted and buoyed by traditional enemies of our nation and its people and their viceroys and tutelages far and near.

The wicked aims of vandalism and brinkmanship have been the unabashedly shameful and perfidious objectives of destabilization, interference, sabotage, havoc and instigation in Ethiopia with the sole satanic purpose of derailing the progress that our country has anchored on and the hapless dream of seizing power through the back door.

These futile attempts which are being portrayed by resorting to divisive means based on faith and ethnicity decidedly and flagrantly championed by a few hooligans in our country’s vicinity and their running dogs within Ethiopia proper, and the Diaspora are very much resentful.

It is against this stark backdrop that the double digit real GDP growth that Ethiopia has recorded so far during the Growth and Transformation Plan in the past two fiscal years of 11.6% and 8.5 % respectively should be viewed. The share of industry in total GDP has increased from 10.8% at base year to 15% in 2010 / 2011. The average double digit growth that has been attained puts Ethiopia in the list of fastest growing countries of the world.

Ethiopia has strongly pursued a developmental state economic governance model by inking 11.2% continuous annual growth for over seven years prior to anchoring on the GTP. This background experience to which Ethiopia had correctly leveraged served it as a launching pad to strategically anticipate and firmly translate its growth trajectory into reality which has been going on uninterruptedly.

The significance that is attached to agriculture is paramount.  As was succinctly underlined during the recently held 9th congress of the EPRDF, agriculture will continue to be the back bone of and the major source of economic growth. This pivotal and crucial focus is certainly the surest panacea for the country’s endeavor to attain food security and increase export earnings to serve as cannon fodder for the boost in industry, energy, urban development, expansion of transportation network and elevating the outreach and quality of social services.

In the wake of the open rebuttal, critical evaluation and in depth assessment that was manifested during the 9th EPRDF congress Rent Seeking malice was identified as number one hurdle that must be overcome if the GTP is to hit its envisioned target of paving the avenue of enlisting Ethiopia as one of the middle income countries of the globe in the not too distant future.

As was stipulated in the final declaration of the congress the Rent Seeking flu that has infested by laying its tentacles within the organization and the society at large and has earned the notoriety of being infectious must be tackled tooth and nail if the nation is determined to bury the much hated ills of poverty and backwardness for good.

In another development indirectly oblivious to the sure outcome of the congress diehard elements under the pay roll of the sworn detractors of the progress Ethiopia continues to register have been fanning up an entirely  hostile campaign against the Grand Renaissance Dam/ GRD /.  Their attempt is nothing but putting old wine in new bottles resulting in an exercise in futility as the GRD is poised to celebrate shortly its second year of the launching of the flagship moment of the erection of the its foundation by the visionary leader the late PM Meles Zenawi.

The latest deliberately hostile campaign efforts to denigrate the GRD relate to external support, and these are no more than long outdated tactics of political machination, trying to revive mistrust by attempting to resurrect old fault lines. The truth is GRD is and will be completed through the contribution of the Ethiopian people and government. The demagogy and rhetoric are pure and simple, white lie. The hard fact is GRD has brought together tens of millions of Ethiopians irrespective of their ethnic, religious, political persuasion or background.

Ethiopians at home and abroad are contributing zealously to build their dam, a project of which they are the sole financiers.  It goes without saying that EPRDF and the current government will spare no effort and time to realize the long dream of the Ethiopian people and score unrelenting and reverberating result in championing the ideals of the torch bearer the late PM Meles Zenawi by realizing the grand continental scheme.