The Nile Waters Doesn’t Concern Saudi Arabia and Its Deputy Defense Minister Khalid Bin Sultan


By Niguse Bariagabir
March 07, 2013

Human history tells us various aspects of human beings how they have been behaving since …, some were too sympathizers in its true sense, some were as cruel as Hitler, hope you also can put your favorite lists how human beings have been behaving all along the line of history. Now, we are in the information age; defeating anarchy and apprehending tyranny, rule of the jungle and smeared politics. I am not in any position to let you know what idiosyncrasy of globalization is all about nor Utopianism but peaceful coexistence with neighbor is vital and critical at this point in time. I don’t want to pick for you the issue of Nuclear Iran since I know how scared you will be, how about the tainted human right records you are very recognizable with? Excuse me I should not talk about this because the oil hungry west has pardoned you since they introduced double standard politics.

Let me tell you something secret that an African country (anonymous for the time being) has successfully carried out horizontal drilling to drain down oil to Africa from Saudi Arabia oil fields because according to subsurface geology the country is termed as oil riparian country. Are you angry? No you shouldn’t, it is like Nile. As long as the humble geologic structure allows the anonymous country has a plan to drill as many wells as possible. Assume you have the technology to construct subsurface reservoir/dam for oil, will you ask the anonymous county permission to construct the reservoir? Won’t you? It is up to you to reply or not reply. Do it the Nile way please!

Photo: Saudi’s Deputy Defense Minister.
Saudi deputy defense minister Khalid Bin Sultan Al-Riyadh
“What I would like to advise Your Excellency is to keep your fingers out of this issue as Saudi Arabia is neither a Nile Riparian, nor an African nation to concern itself over this issue”.

Again assume, your subsurface oil reservoir/dam is under construction and the anonymous country call a meeting for non-aligned countries ministerial council to discuss about member countries oil reserve depletion, and if a member country happens to say (for example from Latin America) construction of subsurface dam by Saud Arabia is an energy security threat to our member country (the anonymous one), honestly what would be your reaction, personal and official? Please read books that the psychology of interference does stop somewhere; it can come as close as to your back yard. This definitely reminds you better contemplate before you pumped out what pops up in your mind or bribed to do so. My grandfather used to say “I am a good sympathizer to those whose stomachs have been filled than the poor”. Do you why? The justification is this: if someone’s belly is usually and unthinkably full, then s/he thinks muscularly because mentally s/he will be down due to compatibility problem. What about your mind’s compatibility to peace? Check it with Microsoft or IMB, if you don’t like these, you just ask the Security Council to install for you updated software that preaches about peace, if these all have compatibility problem then, go to Torabora or the Magred and get it done.

We Ethiopians have a pleasant culture; we don’t interfere in one’s affair unless our security and welfare due to the circumstances going on in that country is compromised. We usually and humbly say, “a neighbor is far better than a parent who lives away from you.” This is to tell you that we do care more about Sudan than you do because we truly understand that if we threaten Sudan’s security, ours is also threaten. This is simple, if your fire a live bullet, you don’t expect ball in response. Thanks to our late prime minister, we have a much praised foreign policy in place. The late prime minister tirelessly preached about peace in the horn, Africa and the world. He consistently reaffirmed to the world and our neighbors that resources should not be source of conflict but source of economic collaboration; we always respect and honor this principle and practice it wholeheartedly.

As decorated military personnel, though I have no both the confidence and evidence to honor you as military professional since you just have no experience how the taste of war is like. Because if you had had, you would have been smart in lessening global tensions and preaching peace according to what the great Prophet taught you. You just declared a war cognizant what would be expected from you; financing. First finish, the ones you have already financed (do the monitoring and evaluation of your on-going projects) though success is unlikely in all fronts (sorry I am not ready to list you down the war fronts you opened since I presumed that you receive information at least on daily basis). Would you mind if I labeled you as “war monger?” Thank you for accepting my proposition. Then, don’t you have other fronts where you can capitalize more efficiently than in greatest nation of Africa? I wish I had the time and skill to let you know the list of fronts but at least to slake your war-thirsty, you better do it first from within.

If you succeed from within then upon the experience you got the spillover will be perfectly done (but at any cost we don’t deserve war). Please make sure that you are in the frontline, no bullet proof jacket, no bullet proof vehicle, you just wear the field jacket and conventional weapon is enough, your followers would for sure aid you how to micro-manage it but I tell get as early as possible to the front. If you in case in the middle of the war you feel thirty we lay a pipe for you from Nile, you just need for a while till you get it done.

I forget to tell what a friend of mine who is a chemist told me “the geographical location of countries in the world is similar to the periodic table of elements.” The so called inert gases at the right side of the periodic table of elements (China, Japan and Korea who have no political apatite in any country) while on the left are active metals (like the west reactive but the reaction they make are affinity-based, selective and compositional/multilateral), but like you in the middle east of unpredictable character or transitioning behavior, there are elements called transition elements located in the middle of the period table. According to my friend’s explanation, basically these elements have unpredictable and configurationally difficult, explosive (take the case of Uranium). However, not all elements in the middle of period table are explosive take Gold the same is true to the Middle East countries people, there is no generalization but the “war monger” peculiarly possesses the character of the explosive metal in periodic table. Thanks to the chemist friend for the narration.

Gentle war monger; let me also tell you that if your government is tired of desalinization process and wants water from Nile to be channeled through Sinai desert, which we are very much appreciative for disclosing the secret of your government, you ask the upstream country Egypt. But under the Nile basin initiative (“to achieve sustainable socio-economic development through equitable utilization of, and benefit from, the common Nile basin water resources”) countries that have the undisputable right to equitably and fairly utilize the Nile water for their social-economic well being are identified in the initiative document. Would you like a link? Otherwise you just browse; you know how to browse, are you not deputy defense minister? “Yes, I am.” If that is true, how can you say I don’t know how to browse? You know how to browse a war? “Yes, I do.” You just do the same type of browsing but for peace and for sustainable economic development. Have you finished browsing? “No, I have not.” What do you mean? You just type Nile basin countries in the Google search engine and click the search button but first delete the phrase “war in the Nile”, are you done? “You, I am done.” Wonderful that is it.

Can you read for me the name of countries and the agreements they have reached how to utilize Nile water without dispute? “No, I have got different result.” What have you got then? “I got a sentence that says there is inevitable war among Nile countries due to dam construction.” Hey comrade minister, check again and read what is on the screen, you are still reading your speech note from your mind, please just shut your mind/make it off or just reboot it and read what is on the screen. Okay, you get DR Congo, Burundi, Egypt, Eritrea (optional), Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Very good, you got it but you missed the newly born country, the Republic of South Sudan. Then, war monger comrade, where is Saudi Arabia? The issue of Nile is the issue of these countries and their respective government. Please let’s make a deal, if you tell me who bribed you to make that speech, I will send you a Nile Perch (a fish from Nile). Okay, you agreed to tell. Fine. I was aware when I read your speech that ‘the war monger comrade was coerced to make such speech but not from his genuine mind.” Please, comrade don’t be an agent of someone, you just speak your mind. Hope, next time we will be online to tweet on positive developments, otherwise we Ethiopians know how to tweet for someone who crosses the red line.