The Sensational News of “Diversion” of Blue Nile River

Nile and Giza 1

By Habtamu Abay

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, June 1, 2013 — If one is interested to hold the attention of Ethiopians, Egyptians and the Sudanese at the same time, a single dose of one “drug” is just enough for all, the Nile. Every time something of Nile comes to the media, people from the three countries particularly those from Ethiopia and Egypt actively engage themselves in the internet windows. A bird’s eye view of the responses reveals that most of them contain plausible ideas advocating understanding and cooperation, some others are naïve lacking depth of message and yet few others are very dangerous opinions stuffed with hatred and war mongering words. Worth noting is also, albeit ludicrous, inflammatory and derogatory comments from few “Shabianized” Eritreans, using one name or another.

What was witnessed this week was not an exception. The news of “diversion” of the course of the Blue Nile River for the construction of the Great Renaissance Dam (GRD) seems to top the agenda of Egyptian media. It appears that Egyptian media caught news different from the simmering internal political rift, socio-economic problems and Sinai security issues. The governing brotherhoods seem to have a relief, for at least a while, from sharp and persistent criticism from their political opponents.

The catch phrase in this week’s sensational news is the word “diversion”. Simply stated, the dictionary meaning of this word can be taken as “change of direction”. For a lay man to the technical terms and for a naïve person alike, it may seem that Nile has taken a different course from its natural one for good. But the realty with regard to GRD is distinctly different from this presumption.

Like any dam construction in the world, the flowing water of Blue Nile has to give dry and clear working …

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