We Nominate Meles Zenawi for Nobel Prize!


By Dr. Mohammed Bedru and Dr. Elena Vorontsoba

A Man of his Axiom: The late Meles Zenawi

The late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi was born from his father Ato Zenawi Asres and his Mother W/ro Alemash Ghebre-Leul on 8 May 1955 at Tigrai region in Adwa town around Endatsion.

Meles completed his primary and secondary education in 1964 and 1968 at Adwa Queen Sheba Schools respectively. Then he joined General Wingate Senior high school where wise and outstanding students were assigned in 1969. During his four years stay at the Wingate, he had been one of the top ranking students. Following his excellent score at the national examination, Meles was entitled to compete for the award of the then Haile Selassie trust and he was one of the then nationwide top students to win the competition.

Meles joined Addis Ababa University in 1973 in the medical department. He stayed there only until 1976. The reasons for his short stay in the University were two: One, proclamation of development through cooperation campaign of 1974. To implement it, senior high schools and all higher studies were closed, the teachers and students were all engaged to implement the campaign. Second, Meles had displayed administration and leadership capacity in the Tigrian movement association. When the question of struggle to undo the oppressive system synchronized with mass consensus, Meles left for the Jungle to contribute everything at his reach in January 1975. The period of his play and time of highest pick of Addis Ababa University students movement were synchronized when the representative of science faculty university student union. Furthermore, he was one of the fore-running activists of the movement. It was then and at that particular time, Meles displayed his leadership and oratorical potential. In the university, Meles got a propitious access to diversified books on various topics. It was there that he laid foundation to his broad perception and wide scope of thinking. Meles had done a lot to curb and moderate the nascent ideology of Tigrian movement association. In addition, he had compiled its objective and strategy documents in the form of a manifesto.

Briefing the Tigrai students in the participation of the university student struggle, Meles dealt with different countries, the earliest revolutions, potential revolutionaries, strong and weak points of each revolution. In short, he dramatized the process and captivated attention of his audience in his presentation.

He strongly believed that as long as the Derg system was alive, there would not be peace and development in the country. So, he dedicated his life to the cause of the country and barely escaped death a number of times. As Meles was a voracious reader, he read books in the dead night under oil lamp. He knew that it was only sophisticated knowledge that could win the war. To down with the oppressive Derg system, Meles was the master mind.

Fortunate enough, to overthrow the oppressive Derg regime, Meles had to control the reign of leadership to brighten the future prospect of Ethiopia. In 1991, Meles became the president of the provisional government. Immediately, he plunged into a war against poverty, famine, hunger and backwardness. He gradually alleviated these crucial problems. He then came up with a new axiom of enabling any Ethiopian to have three meals a day in ten years time. He had managed to bring his axiom true. Under the presidency of Meles, a fertile condition was established to maintain mutual co-existence for the culture, norm, beliefs and languages of the Ethiopian people, nations and nationalities throughout the country. His next measure was introduction of a new constitution. To effect this objective, a new progressive constitution that could meet the then current demands of the country was drawn up and put into practice.

Being the prime Minister of the country, he continued on his initiative measure of action to bring about development. His policy has played a tremendous role in intensifying development components: infrastructure: cross-country roads, inter city streets, under-construction rail-ways, electricity power, telephone cables, water dams; service giving institutions: schools, clinics, hospitals, universities are a few of the uncontroversial objective realities that vividly display the achievements of the nation. In clear terms, the role Meles had played in all aspects takes the lion’s share.

The motto of Meles, “The only enemy of Ethiopia is poverty,” was every time accompanied by “Nothing is disgusting as hunger and poverty.” He wish he had mobilized productive youth in order to blot poverty out of Ethiopia. He’s a hero who implemented his objectives successfully and fought against poverty gallantly. Meles coined out the goal of placing Ethiopia under middle income nations category, by easily averting the 1998 famine. It was Meles who transferred Ethiopia, from being labeled as one of the poorest countries to an 11 per cent rate economic growth. He knew how to say and convince. His speech did not only draw attention of audience but also printed for reading effect in the mind. His perception of events arose inquisitive mind. There were a few of his qualities that endowed Meles in charisma worldwide. He was a sharp that tantalized attention of great leaders winning popularity and acceptance everywhere he had gone. His initiative idea and problem-solving mind had pushed him to the stage of African representative and was the represented Africa at the Copenhagen international climatic change conference. He graphically presented the acute danger leveled against our globe by radical climatic change, ecological effect and what the fate of the globe would be in near future. His view was acclaimed and under process to be effected. Meles contributed a lot in setting peace and tranquility in Africa. He played the determining role in the reconciliation between the two Sudanese states, for instance. The Ethiopian defense army created a buffer- state between the two to avert collision.

Domestically too, Meles was the Renaissance Dam master mind. He was the initiator, booster and coordinator in stream-living attention of the mass towards active. In short, Meles was the only leader who practically challenged the Nile. Construction of the dam may cost Ethiopia a lot, but it is a vow that manifests the future bright prospect of the nation.

Meles’ struggle is not a Marathon contest, where only one wins the race. Rather, it is a relay-race among generations. One begins, hands on the next generation, thus continues. Here, the beauty is that everyone has to play their part accordingly. The relay race of Meles is still continuing on to effect his vision. All government employee and private individuals are the participants in the nation-building struggle. Though , Meles who began his life career as a medical-man and made diversified research and studies, led Ethiopia sagaciously for solid twenty-one years is away from us, his achievements and vision have remained with us.

1. Leaders of Various Countries Eulogize Meles
“When I recall, the speech Premier Meles delivered at G8 conference about guaranteeing his country’s food supply and how to pull the people out of poverty, I have developed a high regard for him.” — Barack Obama President of the USA.

“As per constitution of the country, I hope appropriate persons will be assigned to the appropriate positions to further peace of the country after the late Prime Minister”. — Hilary Clinton

“Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was the real Friend to Israel. It was during his leadership that the closest relation developed between Israel and Ethiopia”. Benjamin Netinahu — Israeli Prime Minster

“Prime Minister Meles Zenawi possessed bright-mind and was a wise leader, His struggle for Pan African Movement and attempt to develop the Ethiopian Economy are unforgettable.” — Raila Odinga, Kenyan Prime Minister

“During the prime Minister’s leadership, on unprecedented stride has been taken in education health and economic development”. — Ex-Prime Minister of England – Gordon Brown

“Melese Zenawi was not only Ethiopian but also African great leader. Representing African in general and the Horn in particular, he had participated in a number of regional and international conferences, contributing to the well-being of the continent”. — President of S. Africa, Jacob Zooma.

“Making use of his bright mind, Meles Zenawi was one of the great African leaders who came to the forefront of leadership against all odds. Domestically, he brought about surprising economic development. To the questions forwarded in the number of conferences are presenting Africa, he gave sharp and precise responses. He struggled to his level best for the good of Africa”. — Liberian President, Elen Johnson

“Meles Zenawi was an eloquent politician who represented Africa in a number of International conferences and contributed a great deal to the good of Africa. To restore peace and order in Somalia and the Sudan, he had done all possible things. To implement the vision of the country, he left no stone unturned. To pull millions of his people out of poverty and develop Ethiopia,he toiled to his best. His unreserved attempt for betterment has made him a role model African leader.’’ — The English Prime Minister – David Cameroon.

“Meles Zenawi was an African leader who unreservedly and honestly worked to create a strong and united Africa. He had been acclaimed for his ardent support of African Renaissance throughout the continent.’’ — President of Nigeria, Good Luck Johnatan

“Meles had struggled to extricate his country out of the hold of tyranny military rule. To make his country a fore-running developed African state, he had done all his best. I, personally, have witnessed his capacity to discharge any responsibility shouldered on him. In addition, his bright conscience taken into consideration had qualified him to lead NEPAD.’’ — Olisengo Obasanjo, Ex-President of Nigeria

“The struggle of Meles Zenawi to maintain national integrity of the great Ethiopian Peoples and further economic development of the country is unforgettable.’’ — Uweri Mouseveni, President of Uganda.

“Among the African countries, Meles had made Ethiopia the state that achieved rapid economic development.’’
— Dr. Arnest Bei coroma, President of Sierra Leone

“The late Meles Zanawi was a revered great African leader. He worked on the change of the lives of not only his people but also that of Africans as a whole. He pinned importance to Enhancing strength of the African union”. — Jose Manuel Baroso, President of European Commission.

“Prime minister Meles Zanawi had been the advocate of stronger Africa, gallantly struggled against terrorism, persevered from Uganda through Liberia, from the Sudan through Somalia to maintain peace and reconcile disputes. He had tried to accomplish the millennium strategy, toiled to work on climatic change. He had dispatched a peace keeping force to Abie. He, thus, had practically proved his determination to secure peace”. — Sussan Rice, Ambassador of the USA to the UN.

“Prime Minister Meles Zanawi had prepared a fertile situation of drawing maximum advantage to his people in diversified fields of life” — Bill Gate, An American Billionaire.

2. Meles Eulogy from arm-struggle companions, compatriots and high officials speech
“The goal of Meles had been addressing the problems of the people. Potentially, he had been well – off, supported others and buttressed up the organization and he had succeeded in life”. — Dr. Debre-Tsion Gebre-michael

“It is a dark day to me, to my children a heart breaking grief. The absence of Meles is the time I attempt to become a mother, and a time of bitter test to me. May I ask the people of Ethiopia to arbitrate between us?” — Azeb Mesfin – the fist Lady – C. Views of International Media

“Meles Zenawi had pulled his country out of rubble of a civil war and made it one of the fastest developing nations” — The Sudan Tribune

“Beyond boundary of his country, on international arena, Meles fought about climatic change and the other related affairs. He had been a great leader who advocated for the cause of Africa.” — Anita Paul – Johannesburg-VOA reporter

Some worth mentioning speeches of Meles Zenawi

“To do away with poverty, it needs skilled personnel, masons, carpenters. It needs youths of democratic views and freeing oneself from any kind of social evil.”

“Possessing productive hands, mind for critical thinking, and productive force, begging for bread must stop.”

Meles’ leadership capacity, contribution to world peace, environmental protection and his vision to enhance economic development had enabled him to win a number of international awards. To mention but a few:

— Meles Zenawi won the 2005 International Merit Leadership award of Afro-American Entrepreneur Organization. On the basis of Environmental protection and his country’s economic development, the Yara Organization (Norway) awarded Prime minister Meles Zenawi 200,000 dollars.
— In 2002 Times News paper bestowed on Ato Meles the African Political Leadership Award. In realization of the support and encouragement Meles made for the development of African football, he was awarded a medal in 2007. The writers have referred various sources to substantiate the piece.

Despite his death, his achievements and vision are immortal. The achievements, vision and legacy of PM Meles are tremendous that could set role model for the young generation.

We, therefore, would like to call for the attention of Nobel Prize Award organization and similar ones to consider the case of the late Prime minister Meles Znawi. Of the star leaders who deserve the 21st international award following their indispensable contribution to their respective countries in particular and the whole world in general, Barrack Obama (USA), Angela Merkel (Germany), Hu Jentao (Ex president of China), Rudd Kevin Michael (Ex-Prime mister Australia), Meles Zenawi (the late Ethiopian Prime Minister) is the one to be awarded. And the two countries namely Canada and Australia accepted the idea well, signed and made responsible. As they are exemplary for the rest of the world in all aspects, the two countries will also be awarded. We would like to propose his birth day celebration in work and green campaign.

The writers, Dr. Mohammed Bedru (Ethiopian with Russian citizenry) and Dr. Elena Vorontsoba (Russian), are PhD holders in medicine and assistance professor in international medical association and former senior officer of Ethiopian Naval political navigation and Administration and Dr. of social economy respectively can be reached at Email: bedru12@yahoo.com (0922344137) or 0925762097