“We Shall Realize the Renaissance of Ethiopia with the Blueprint Meles Zenawi Left us”

National Council for Renaissance Dam to Recognize Public, Private Employees

Addis Ababa, November 14, 2012 — (WIC) — Over 4 billion of the money pledged for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project has been collected so far. Public and private employees are at the forefront of those who have fulfilled their pledges.

The National Council in charge of coordinating public participation for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has finalized preparations to recognize those employees.

Executive committee member with the Council, Redwan Hussein said Tuesday that the recognition would the employees to strengthen culture of saving continue backing government’s development initiatives.

The event would be held under two mottos: “As we embarked on the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, we shall complete it” and “We shall realize the renaissance of Ethiopia which has been underway with the guidance of great leader Meles Zenawi by replicating the initiation witnessed in construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to other development projects”.

According to ENA, senior government officials and members of the council are expected to attend the event which would take place on Saturday at the Millennium Hall.

Source: Walta Info